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it's january d00d!! [ January 6th, 2006 @0715 ]
[ mood | horny ]

Some girly survey.Collapse ) stolen from rinslet


......very, very belated.

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[ September 2nd, 2005 @2046 ]
[ mood | awake ]


Do you know how long has it been????????

I'm still here.


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praise the Lord. [ December 29th, 2004 @1941 ]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Replying to your post, seiza, I'm still alive and thankfully, I'm in good shape ^_^ And BTW, THAT IS SUCH A GREAT LAYOUT. The Lord Odin has ordered you to contribute Hume teh skills to make the goddamn sidebar xD Also, thx for the love 'n care from all your people, such feelings are greatly appreciated *mwahs*.

Right. All is well and really, I have HEAPS to write about before moving on. A lot has happened during the past one-and-a-half month, but I'll save it for later. There are better things to write about, due to the tragic incident that befalled a part of our Southeast Asia...

...but before that--

A compliment for a Friends Only banner *luffsluffsluffs*.

Anyway, I bet all of you have heard about the Asian Quake and Tsunami, which should practically be the frontpage headline of the moment. I just got home from Bali (which, in case you're wondering, wasn't much of a vacation), and heard all of it through news broadcasters. All these years, if there is anything that's happening in our country, it would be bomb incidents or terrorist-induced things. Natural distasters weren't really something... until now.

This whole tsunami thing is coming to a level where it is international-standard. Although the majority of victims are Indonesians, the terror is still all over the area inflicted. It also hit me that the victims in Aceh reached somewhere over 15,000, which is just about as much as a population of a small town.

I saw in the newspaper that the Sumatera island is located on top of a joint between 2 continential plates, where earthquakes and the likes are most likely to happen. I don't know how tsunamis are made, but I know that although Jakarta is free of tsunami coverage, the strong winds and rains are still there (rains because it's the season).

I've never seen a giant tidal wave before, and although I know it's gonna be scary, I'd like to see a real one. Journalists reported that the waves were approximately 20 meters high, which equals the height of 2 coconut trees put together *horrid gasp*. My friend saw a recording on the TV (I had to wonder why the cameraman and camera survived though o___o) and he said it was really huge. 'Guess it's impossible for people to live from it, but still...

Seeing those people on television that were crying for their lost relatives are just... sad. Sometimes I hate it when newscasters do that, publicizing people's miserable experiences and woes like they're worth a rate... but anyway, I'm sooooo happy that none of my relatives were there (you can breathe easy now, seiza). However, a few of my schoolmates might be there... 2 of my seniors go to a boarding school, which means they should be heading their hometown during the holiday--Aceh. There's also an 8th grader who's supposedly having her New Year's eve over there too. I haven't heard the rest of them, but I hope they're OK. It's hard to cope when people in your school die, even if you hardly know them.

Ah, man. I'm not good at being gloomy *sigh*.

Cheerios for now ^__^

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yumm. [ November 19th, 2004 @0902 ]
[ mood | hungry ]

Stolen from invisiblethings *drooldrooldrool*.

Hamster Ramen Hamster Curry Hamster Kebab Dr. Pepper Mint Choc Chippo Icecream
Only 1200 yen!
Get your own at Hamstar's Noodlebar!

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hume waffles on game recs (and maybe some rambles.) [ November 16th, 2004 @2220 ]
[ mood | pensive ]


Finally, I got a gmail account everybody's talking about! A little pluggage for my new email! Yes yes yes. I've set my gmail POP3 account through Outlook, so I can now access me new email alongside with my current one. How convenient~

As a return for sending me the gmail invitation, mysterea... here is a list of games I recommend to you complete with the regular Hume Waffles *sheepish grin*.Collapse )

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uh-oh. [ November 12th, 2004 @2232 ]
[ mood | cranky ]

This is NOT happening.

I was just updating my userinfo until... suddenly the layout's gone. Everything inside the LASTN/FRIENDS/CALENDAR_WEBSITE tags isn't showing up... and I didn't even touch my overrides!! I swear, the tags are still in my overrides and I've rechecked everything, they're all the same from what I had when my layout was still there.

We're not talking about layout error here. We're talking about a missing piece of override that's supposed to be there. Bah.

What the heck's happening??

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WAH! KURO-SAMA!! [ November 9th, 2004 @2004 ]
[ mood | creative ]

Cats are just adorable, yes?

And new layout! It's Kirisaki Kyoko, the baddy-turn-goody taoist from Black Cat, a manga you should pick up from Akatsuki-Manga. Yes, it's that good. Very light-hearted and... marksmen-infested (sweepers and criminals collide). Train just keeps getting badder and badder, as well as uncanny and somewhat feline-esque *glomps her current lj icon*. Well, about our cover girl Kyoko, you should check out her partner, Sheldon, which is OMFG-hot-w/o-his-glasses-on *drool*.

Anyway, about the layout, I couldn't think of any color other than orange *sweatdrop*. I got bored with my layouts that are blurred, blended, and faded. So here's something new, which I'm oh-so proud and satisfied of it. It took almost a day to finish this silly layout. I had to cut, crop, copy&paste, stroke, whatever... even use that MagicWand tool *dribbles*. It's been a while since I touched Photoshop and HTML codes, but obviously that doesn't mean my skills have gone completely to oblivion ^^;; But what matters is the finishing, which is a little better than expected *smothers*.

Manga scans are (of course) courtsey of A-M. Fonts used are Magneto and Arial. Graphics solely edited by Photoshop. Coded with Frontpage. That's enough legal crap there, heh ;p

Now... I really have to start updating the main profile and... make a banner.

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